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The Galapagos Islands and Climate Change (Small Actions Matter)

Written by nspiregreen on August 21. Posted in Blog, ChangeEnvironmentSustainabilityTransportationVision Zero,  Climate Change

Great to post about my trip to Galapagos Islands. I recommend such a trip to help you think about the values of sustainability.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “every little bit helps?” It is a shame there are things we want to accomplish but we get discouraged because some of these goals may seem insurmountable. We may not realize that some of the things we already do may help reach that goal.  For instance, I got back from a trip to Galapagos Islands a few months ago. And as I was thinking about the trip, it occurred to me that the Galapagos Islands are like a naturalist paradise. As we make commitments to address climate change (big or small), we are moving closer to the goal of reaching a naturalist paradise of our own......



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